A Letter from Dr Yaya Moussa

After long and ongoing strugglse for political, economic and resource sovereignty, the time has come for Africa to claim sovereignty over its creativity and to own its narrative internationally. This supposes the continent is optimising its local creative industry, especially films and television, to harness the full potential of its soft power.  Africa has always had a strong story telling tradition and we have always prided ourselves on our ability to share our stories. Building a richer narrative for the continent will only be possible by supporting African content creators every step of the way.  

I believe that African stories are best told by Africans themselves. Only by identifying and nurturing local talent will we be able to create and share authentic stories that will resonate across the continent and around the world. Therefore, addressing the lack of training programmes and mentoring across the continent is a top priority for The Africa Prime Initiative.

With The Africa Prime Initiative, I want to make a positive contribution towards cultivating local skills and talent, ensuring the next generation of African creatives have more opportunities than the generations that have come before. By providing aspiring creatives in the visual arts space across the continent with tangible resources, we are empowering them to take ownership of their stories and shape how they want Africa, and Africans, to be perceived.  

Across the African continent, the talent is present, and so is the hunger to learn, perfect their craft and become self-reliant. Focusing on knowledge as a resource by funding training and mentorship programmes, and equipping creatives with the necessary tools to thrive, will bear fruit.  As Benjamin Franklin once said, “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. I am confident that the more we invest locally, the more we’ll harvest globally. 

Dr Yaya Moussa,

Founder, President & CEO
Africa Prime