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Empowering African Women to thrive in the creative industry

On International Women’s Day, the world celebrated once more the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Whilst we celebrated, we were also reminded that the fight for gender equality and parity is far from over.

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Exporting Africa: Using Culture As Soft Power

Africa has the potential to become a major cultural power in the years to come as appetite for African creative content is growing around the world.

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The African Diaspora: Turning brain drain into brain gain

Post-independence Africa experienced a high rate of intellectual migration from the continent to more developed countries, mainly to Europe and America, effectively creating a new and voluntary diaspora.

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Now Is The Best Time To Support African Creatives

2020 has been a year of unprecedented challenge for the creative industry globally. As cinemas and theatres closed, and as film and television production was halted, the future looked uncertain for people working across the creative industries, especially in film, video, music and visual and performing arts.

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